Class Descriptions

HKA 12 Month Program Breakdown

Alice We have learned at HKA that students who continue developing their skills year round actually retain the things they have learned and progress faster. Our HKA Curriculum runs for 12 months and provides them with some of the very best educational opportunities in the performing arts. Our students attend weekly classes and will perform twice a year on stage in full Plays and Recitals complete with costumes, sets, props, microphones and sound and lights! Additionally, they get the privilege of being on stage twice a year in our HKA Talent Shows as a part of their curriculum as well. So, our students perform up to four times per year on stage! HKA has an open enrollment period each semester. Because our classes are so popular, class spaces are limited, so a waiting list is available. Students will attend classes weekly at the Studio of their choice. The first class is full price and there is a $10.00 discount per month on each additional class they take. The TRIPLE THREAT Program and PROFESSIONAL SERIES PROGRAMS receive the deepest discounts. There is no limit on how many classes they can take. They will choose classes from the following areas of specialty.

Little Stars Preschool Program

A Comprehensive Program: Ages 3-5 years

Performing Arts, Cultural Arts, Academics, Karate

We are so excited to announce our first ever Hollywood Kids Academy Little Stars Preschool Program. Preschool age students between the ages of 3-5 years old are eligible to participate in our comprehensive program which includes outstanding instruction in academics, the performing arts, cultural arts and martial arts. Areas of focus include Reading, Writing, Math, Science, Arts and Crafts, Singing, Dancing, Theater, Karate, and more. All classes are taught by our outstanding instructors in our amazing Triple Threat studios at Hollywood Kids Academy which include instruction throughout our theater, dance, and vocal studios. As a part of their all-encompassing instruction, students have the unique experience of performing on the stage—an invaluable opportunity which develops confidence and prepares them to excel in so many areas of their development. Our goal for this fun and exciting program is to produce happy, well rounded, confident children who have developed a love for learning so that it will launch them forward into a successful lifelong pursuit of education, the arts and personal development. Click Here for more details!

Broadway Programs

Fairytale Theater & Dance: Ages 3-5
Rabbit HKA begins teaching theater to pre-schoolers ages 3 & 4 yrs.  in our outstanding FAIRYTALE THEATER program. Once a week little ones come for one hour and enter the amazing world of the performing arts in our theater. They learn one Fairytale each month.   They start with creative dance and movement and add light ballet. They then dress up in wonderful costumes complete with crowns, swords, wands, tiaras, tutus and more, actually practicing weekly on stage. They learn proper dance, acting and stage techniques through the wonderful world of make believe and imagination.  The last class of each month they do a darling little performance for their parents and friends.  This class is adorable!

"Broadway Twinkles": Ages 4 - 5
Is your 4 & 5 year old child so excited about performing that they can hardly stand it when someone is performing on stage because they just want to get up there too?  Are they constantly singing, dancing, twirling, acting and pretending they are someone else?  Or, are they so shy that they just need some experience in front of people to open up?  Well, we want to introduce to our “Broadway Twinkles” program for 4 & 5 year olds.  These kids meet for one hour a week and learn songs, dances and scenes from some of the very best shows Broadway has ever produced.  This class prepares them for enrollment in our HKA Broadway Jr. program.  They will develop confidence and character as they learn to express themselves on the stage through the performing arts. They will end each semester with a live performance in full costume!  We just love watching these little ones develop their dancing, acting and singing skills each week. It is so much to see their faces light up as they perform on stage for their parents.  They will just love exploring the wonderful world of the performing arts!

"Broadway Kids Jr.": Ages 6-8
Singing Is your 1st – 3rd grader constantly singing, or dancing or pretending they are on stage?  Then HKA Broadway Kids class is for them. This class is specifically designed for younger students who can read and follow directions.  They sing, dance and act in two amazing Broadway Shows per year as well as have the opportunity to perform in our “SPOTLIGHT SERIES”  TALENT SHOWS 2X per year.  This wonderful beginning level class is designed for all students who want to explore the amazing world of the performing arts.  Students learn life’s lessons including how to follow directions, work with as a cast developing team spirit and cooperation.  They will also develop character skills such as hard work and self-discipline. They learn audition techniques as well. They get the thrill of performing on stage twice a year in full costumes complete with all the sound, set and spotlights!  The students just shine on stage while having so much fun!  This class is open to all students and no audition is necessary.  They really reach their dreams!  All students are welcome.

"Broadway Kids": Ages 8-11
This class is designed for older elementary age students who are wanting to experience the thrill of performing on stage.  It is beginning to intermediate level and is designed to give your child the skills necessary to be in more advanced productions in our Broadway Teens and Pro-Series classes.  They develop their Musical Theater skills such as Singing, Dancing, Acting, Auditioning and working with directors and choreographers to put on a show that is at a higher level than they have achieved before.  They perform in two amazing Broadway Shows per year as well as have the opportunity to perform in our “SPOTLIGHT SERIES” TALENT SHOWS 2X per year.  They have so much fun as they dedicate themselves to memorizing songs, dances and lines.  They learn to be dependable and reliable.  They learn to think of others and work as a team to accomplish a goal.  All of these skills are developed as they are having some of the most fun ever!  They get to shine in the spotlight in their amazing costumes, sets and props with all the sound, microphones and lights!  It’s a dream come true!

"Broadway Teens": Ages 11+
For all Jr. High students ages 11-14,  HKA is so proud to offer our amazing “BROADWAY TEENS” class.  For many years now this wonderful class has been introducing teens to the amazing world of Musical Theater.  For our beginning to intermediate level teenage students this class is designed to help them discover the wonderful world of the performing arts.  Students learn singing, dancing and acting in class each week as they are preparing for a two full shows per school year and the opportunity to perform in our “SPOTLIGHT SERIES” TALENT SHOWS 2x a year. Workshops in the Summer.  HKA’s “BROADWAY TEENS” develop stage presence as well as confidence that help them through the difficult teenage years.  They will also develop character skills such as hard work, self-discipline and team spirit. They learn audition techniques as well.  The kids have so much fun and we love watching the students grow and develop in this wonderful class!  No audition is necessary.  All students are welcome.

Vocal Programs


"Glee": Ages 6+
Have you seen the TV show GLEE? Well, HKA is excited to offer your child the chance to be in GLEE class without the drama! We specialize in developing great singers at Hollywood Kids. We have found that singers need to perform on stage and develop their performing skills along with learning proper singing techniques often. So, we put them onstage twice a year in full productions complete with sound, lights, microphones and costumes and they also participate in our “SPOTLIGHT SERIES” shows. They perform solos and groups numbers in complete “GLEE” fashion. They also learn some choreography. In our HKA Kids and Teen GLEE classes all students study all types of music from Broadway to Jazz and perform a show on stage at the end of the semester. Lots of singing and lots of fun! GLEE is the fun way to develop your kids’ singing abilities!

"Hollywood Idol": Ages 6+
The Professional Solo Singer. This exciting, fast-paced class is designed to help each student become great solo performers. Each week students get to perform on stage with a microphone and lights. They learn singing techniques such as breathing and support, proper placement and pitch and develop their performing skills as solo singers. This class gives your student the techniques to “wow” audiences with their vocal performance. This class is awesome!

Private Vocal Instruction

Students have the wonderful opportunity to study voice privately with our highly trained Vocal teachers.  They can choose between 30 minute and One Hour lessons each week.  Each student will work on pitch, tone, support, musicality and proper singing techniques. They will develop a repertoire of music that they can use for auditions, community and school in addition to their HKA performing opportunities. They average four private lessons per month.  Register online.  Students will not have class on holidays.  Some age restrictions apply.

Dance Programs

We are very proud of our BROADWAY DANCE PROGRAM at Hollywood Kids.  We take a unique and different approach.  Our program is designed to teach children how to dance on the stage and perform to an audience.  We are not a competition based program therefore our students can develop all their dance skills and become well rounded individual and team performers without the pressure that competitive dance brings. They work together with the classmates to perform for their parents twice a year on stage in their Dance recitals performing multiple numbers. They also can perform in our “HKA SPOTLIGHT SERIES” shows.  HKA is committed to developing the best possible dancers for the stage who can perform all forms of dance. HKA’s "BROADWAY DANCE" Program encompasses all Dance styles and techniques into one single program with the emphasis on DANCING FOR THE STAGE. The advancement of each child’s own talents as a performer is the goal. Student will emerge as strong, balanced and well prepared dancers for the stage. The class format will continue to divide up the hour between ballet, jazz and hip hop, contemporary and tap. Students spend the beginning section of each classes learning proper Dance Techniques including a section on ballet barre and center work, jazz center and across the floor work.  Then they spend the balance of the class learning fun routines in all forms of Broadway Dance including HipHop, Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and even some Tap when offered.  When your child is ready, they will advance by exam. This is not a competition, but a personal progression program. The goal at Hollywood Kids Dance Program is to give your child the competitive edge by helping them develop the skills they need to become a well-rounded, technically strong dancer who will “stand out” because they can do all forms of dance and have the “shine factor”. HKA will prepare them to achieve their dreams.
Below is a brief description of the forms of dance that will be taught within the 'BROADWAY DANCE" program at HKA.

As a classical dance form demanding grace and precision, Ballet is a must for any dancer. Because of its focus on proper alignment, strength and balance, Ballet helps dancers to increase their range of motion, prevent injury, and become more polished dancers in all dance genres. At HKA, we offer Ballet taught by knowledgeable, enthusiastic instructors, who specialize in fun as well as technique.

Contemporary Dance:
DanceA form of contemporary theatrical and concert dance employing a special technique for developing the use of the entire body in movements expressive of abstract ideas.

Jazz, which arose in the early twentieth century has evolved into broad genre that incorporates elements from African, Latin, Hip-Hop, Disco, Tap, and Modern dance. This exciting dance form offers dancers a direct and expressive relationship to music. This dance genre is particularly useful as it is regularly employed in Broadway, MTV, street dancing, cheerleading and drill team.

Hop-Hop has its roots in urban culture and percussive music, and incorporates a wide spectrum of movement forms. This class concentrates on proper technique and musicality within this new and trendy dance style. This class is a wonderful way for students to get in shape and learn the latest moves! Dancers are taught the basics of rhythm, timing and sequencing while infusing this dun new form with the technical basics and vocabulary of jazz dance.

Spotlight Series

Solo and Group Performances
HKA is thrilled to offer curriculum for your children which include learning Triple Threat techniques ofDance singing, dancing and acting. All our performances are real performances complete with the lights, sound, microphones, etc. During the middle of each semester, HKA includes our amazing “SPOTLIGHT SERIES” Shows. We believe that performance is the key to your child’s success in the performing arts so as a part of their curriculum all our students can participatein this show.* Students get on stage and perform either a short vocal, dance or monologue for an audience including their classmates, family and friends. They can also participate in duets and ensembles in these shows. This opportunity gives them the chance to really shine as performer on stage in the spotlight! They will use the techniques that they are working on in class to develop the “SHINE FACTOR”. This is where they learn to engage the audience and really perform to the crowd. The “SHINE FACTOR” helps them to stand out. ( Participation is not mandatory. )

*This opportunity is a part of their class curriculum so it will serve as their class that week. The cost of the tickets are $5.00 in advance or $7.00 at the door with three years and under on laps for free.

Adult Classes

"ON BROADWAY" : Adults (Triple Threat training and performing for Adults)
Have you ever dreamed of performing on stage with all the lights, sound, and music? Do you love to sing, dance and act? If you already know how or if you want to learn, then this is the class for you!Adult Voice This performance based Musical Theater course is designed for adults of all ages who are or want to become Triple Threat performers. All adults are welcome to participate regardless of their skill level. You will learn singing, dancing and acting techniques each week as we prepare to put on our very own Broadway Revue shows and Musical Theater productions each semester. All adults will get the chance to perform vocal and dance solos, group numbers, duets, scenes and monologues from the best of Broadway and Hollywood. The sky's the limit on performance opportunities in this class. Additionally, you will learn auditioning skills and techniques and performing skills that will build your confidence and help you to become a true Triple Threat performer. There will be at least two or more performances each year on stage complete with sound, lights, and wireless headset microphones. So, if you have ever dreamed of being a star on stage, now is your chance to shine!

Hollywood Programs

"Hollywood Acting & Film": Ages 7+
HKA is excited to offer Hollywood Acting, an amazing class that specializes in the ART OF ACTING FOR THE CAMERA and the ART OF FILM. Students learn the subtle art of acting for film, television and commercials in front of the camera as well as how to film behind the camera.

Acting for Film
Acting in front of the Camera:  All students gain the experience of working in single camera acting techniques and an understanding of what the relationship is of the camera to the performance. Students are trained in many of the technical skills that an actor must have in order to work successfully in the profession, such as cold reading, audition techniques, and focus concentration. Students will be required to memorize and prepare material each week. As student's progress through the class they not only gain the education needed to act in film but they also leave with video reels that they can use in order to get a foot door of Hollywood. The best performances will be safely posted on the Internet, accessible to talent agents. This class is required for Professional Series students who are training for professional Hollywood opportunities.
Behind the Camera:  Students learn the technical aspects of filmmaking and actually get to make and edit films. Students engage themselves in an in-depth study of the development of the American film as an art form and a reflection of society. Class activities include film analysis, developing interviewing skills, scriptwriting, videotaping, effective character generation, layout design, shooting for television and producing short films. Students are encouraged to submit their projects in local and regional film festivals.

Students learn the technical aspects of filmmaking and actually get to make and edit films. Students engage themselves in an in-depth study of the development of the American film as an art form and a reflection of society. Class activities include film analysis, developing interviewing skills, scriptwriting, videotaping, effective character generation, layout design, shooting for television and producing short films. Students are encouraged to submit their projects in local and regional film festivals.

Technical Theater

Behind The Curtain-Technical Theater: Ages 9+
Is your child more comfortable behind the curtain or up in the tech box than on the stage? If so, this class is perfect for your child. This class is designed to give students training in the wonderful world of Technical Theater that happens behinds the curtain. Students learn principles of Set and Lighting Design and actually get to assist in the design of our various HKA productions. They gain experience while helping to build sets and paint backdrops, and they receive hands-on raining on our sound and lighting boards, assisting in using them in our productions. This class is so much fun and will help give them training that they can take into the professional world of theater as Techies! This wonderful experience is open to all HKA students.

(All class times and teachers may be subject to change)